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  • NB! Complaints and thoughts can be addressed via case 2177 -- Mihkel and/or Margus (as administrators) can help you; additionally, Janno has power user rights, he can make a lot of structural and other changes (create namespaces, delete a page or remove it's history, ...)
  • List of wanted pages: Special:Wantedpages
  • See Wikipedia's own How to edit a page for editing/formating, also pay attention to [Namespace namespaces] on creating a new page
  • Information about additional extensions and usage tips on QureWiki can be found at Qurewiki Help
  • To monitor Wiki modifications please subscribe to the Special:Recentchanges RSS feed (or ATOM feed)
    • Similar feed can be set up for an article history page (example: Main Page history feed)
    • There is also WikiArticleFeeds plugin available to mark up some sections in an article as special feed -- if you need this functionality, please contact administrators to get it set up

New Employee

Each new Quretec employee should check out New Employee page for guidance.

Qure Platform

Access Resources

Guidance for access different IT resources managed by Quretec.

Getting started with Wiki, editing